bullet Answer : - Heater ( oil , gas, electric )

- Heating ( radiators , fan coils )

- Central air ( warm air from blowing up, blowing hot air from the floor )

- New heating systems ( hot water pipes to put on the floor )

All of these systems causes the warm air produced by the upper Jayjayy ( living or working ) and cold placed in the lower part .
Iranian traditional medicine is recommended for health have to arrange a temperature higher equilibrium temperature and the temperature is cool . Avicenna recommends that the rule book " for healthy , cool (not cold ) air to breathe and when it was hot ( due to oxygen and take carbon dioxide ) can exhale it ." But heating systems that we use exactly the opposite of the Iranian traditional lifestyle for hundreds of years ( if not thousands of years ) experience has been designed and used. Because we have found warmest heating systems, air to breathe and the environment or the working leg is placed in the coldest conditions . If the heating system, we can say that a healthy life we need balance ! To the required temperature of the body is in good condition . On the other hand , if the floor is ceramic materials such as its location is in addition to , such as ceramic floor and causing cooler conditions like joint pain and arthritis is exacerbated .

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