Modern methods of heating and cooling systems (visite count : 1127)

Heating and cooling systems , are among the largest consumers of energy in buildings . A significant amount of energy devoted to heating and cooling . Energy consumption in hot water for about 16 percent of health that can be approximated that about 57 % of the energy supply of the heating and cooling a building is asayesh . However, in developed countries , an accurate estimate of the heating and cooling loads , the use of high-efficiency systems , employing a variety of tools to control the energy consumption and the use of various equipment and material reducing energy consumption and commonplace mandatory.
Unfortunately, in Iran , not only in determining heating and cooling loads of buildings can not be sure , but also the low efficiency in construction equipment , used equipment, failure to control and not using Brlt further reducing energy consumption and surveys indicate high energy on heating , cooling and hot water supply in health in developed countries is such that the energy consumption in buildings accounts for 40 percent of the country 's energy . What are analyzed in this paper , introducing the ways in which they are applied , these systems will increase efficiency and effectiveness .
Upgrading heating and cooling systems
As previously mentioned, selecting the proper size of the devices with the best practices in the field of energy savings . But in order to choose the right heating and cooling system must first seek the best elements of performance practice.

Strategies for Energy Saving in Buildings
In order to save energy , heating and cooling systems and air conditioning is needed and the steps to be taken to reduce energy consumption .
Standardization of outdoor conditions
According to the type of outside air conditions ( temperature , humidity , wind direction and rate ) influence on determining heating and cooling loads and the rate of heat transfer in buildings, or the heat transfer , so the need to standardize the terms and conditions set standard air was one of special importance in different areas in Iran . Unfortunately, in Iran , generally calculated over the worst conditions of temperature and humidity into account , and the amount of energy required is much higher than the actual calculated.
Terms of Architecture and Building Physics and Building
Geographical orientation of the buildings , the buildings in order to take advantage of solar energy, with minimal exterior building design , use of insulation in walls, floors and ceilings, the use of two or more layers of glass , and Seam ward off Styles building and reduce air infiltration sealing, air channels and ... among the items that can help reduce heating and cooling loads .
The building in this case is greater efficiency , smaller installation system and therefore reduces energy costs .
Estimating the heating and cooling equipment
Determine the correct size heating and cooling equipment for residential buildings , an important key to achieve the appropriate comfort conditions within the building and reduce the initial cost and current consumption of such systems. When the amount of energy required is estimated to be higher than the rate of increase in initial cost and in this way , the overall efficiency is reduced. It should be noted that the other hand , the energy cost increases will follow .
In wet weather conditions , an accurate estimate of the devices becomes more important . Why choose the Great devices , causing a short space of time the devices are turned on and off and it will control the humidity low .
Date: 4/6/2014